Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Station

Blog 139 – Tuesday, May 19, 2009 Skies still pour rain, softly and steadily on the Tampa Bay – temperatures unusually mild – in the 60’s.
Blocks and trucks and plastic replicas of ice cream cones strewn all over the floor, I have just experienced a "grandson fix". Each visit is a new adventure and never-ending session of make-believe and emulation of the closely guarded world around him. His tiny hands pouring drinks from the miniature Tupperware pitcher, he lovingly hands me a little cup. Yanking a telephone from the holder on the front of the home living cupboard, his voice inflection indicates a purposeful conversation – phone on his shoulder, he now pulls an ice cream cone from the "stainless steel" refrigerator, complete with ice dispenser on the door. Realizing how much of the adult world this little boy notices, he suddenly throws his leg over the stabilizing bar of the nearby rocking horse and begins climbing toward its back. At 16 months, he determines to do everything he has seen at least once (this feat seen by his four-year-old cousin, peer, and mentor). Grannie rushing to his side in order to protect his newly erupted teeth from danger I place him on horseback where he gallops off with a gleeful grin. From one "toddler task" to another, I watch with adoring gaze at this, the second "miracle boy" of my life and I cannot imagine any station in life better than being a grandparent.

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