Thursday, July 16, 2009

Loads of Hope

Blog 195 – Tuesday, July 14, 2009 A warm, sunny day with a brief shower in the morning and again in the afternoon, temperatures in the mid-80’s.
Filling the reservoir with no more than a tablespoon of Tide HE, I slide the drawer closed and turn the dial on my LG and push the button to begin the cycle. Slowly, the barrel begins to turn, water shooting into the chamber as the clothes are weighed and readied for washing. I carefully rinse the empty detergent bottle and step into the garage, placing it in the bin marked “plastics”. Carrying the yellow cap with me, I sit down at my laptop and begin to type in Soon, the colorful website appears on my screen with news and information about the project – that of helping disaster victims with their laundry needs. My first encounter with this project was during Hurricane Katrina when I saw the large semis and tractor trailers pulling up to an area in Louisiana I was amazed as the bays were raised to reveal a row of washers and dryers. Soon, lines of weary people were waiting to load their muddy, drenched clothes into the shiny machines. I was an immediate fan of Tide Loads of Hope. Since then, I have purchased Tide HE with the yellow caps, where a portion of the proceeds helps finance the laundry of disaster victims.

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