Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sinking into a still pool of ebony, the orb of liquid fire deposits a glow of golden mist along the western horizon. Settling with quiet surety, sunset emerges with a promise of restoration and replenishment. Evening and morning - another day. 
Never tiring of the wonder of this display of power put to rest, my eyes scan the distant view - now resplendent with a soft halo of hues, delicately rubbed into the sky, leaving  primary traces of yellow and red and blue - mingled harmoniously as if to remind me of a slate soon to be wiped clean with new choice and opportunity. 
As shadows begin to take over and the senses shift from a visual kaleidoscope to a symphony of sounds, crickets declare their presence and the bullfrog retorts with a throaty greeting. Now, the gentle churning of the water plays at the shore’s edge, retreating only to bring another rushing crescendo -  like cymbals cued in concert. 
Closing my eyes, I breathe in the surrounding air - salty and pungent - animal and mineral - layers of smells, familiar and assuring.  Drinking it in deeply, the peppery strains of seaweed come to the forefront - filling my nostrils and taste buds with an intoxicating elixir available only  on the coastal water’s edge.  
Now heady with yet another beachfront evening, my fingers run along the railing of the dock. The worn and rough planks concealing at first, minuscule grains of sand and salt. A sea breeze blows through my hair and on my face and - its warmth and gentleness complete the perfectly formed backdrop of  the senses, igniting my soul with worship to the One who makes my heart dance with joy each time I consider the wonders and mysteries of His creation. 
“My soul does surely magnify the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior!” - adaptation from Luke 1:46-47

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