Monday, May 18, 2009

Splish Splash

Blog 137 – Sunday, May 17, 2009 Sunny and hot – temperatures topping out in the upper 80’s.
Sixties music resonating from the intercom on the lanai provided the inspiration for the afternoon task at hand. Here we were, poolside on a sunny day – clad in bathing suits and crocs – hose and soft bristle brush in hand. Hubby and I have always been a team and, today was no different as we tackled the seasonal chore of readying our pool area for endless days of habitation during the summer and early fall months. Now, living in Florida allows us a far bigger window for being outdoors but, the late winter months always leave a dusty residue, requiring that "spring cleaning" of deck, furniture, and patio windows. Yard and garden in order for the summer, this was the next order of business in preparation for those "lazy, hazy days of summer" at our house. As the final patio chair was set in place and the windows reflected the bright, white pool deck, we headed to the shower – satisfied that from now until late December this would be a gathering place for family and friends – pool parties, barbecue meals, firepit fun in the garden, and just relaxing by the pool with a good book and a glass of tea.

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