Friday, May 22, 2009

Day Lily

Blog 141 – Thursday, May 21, 2009 Rain and shine – the cleansing, refreshing band of rain clouds continue to sweep back and forth over Florida. Temperatures are milder – in the mid 70’s and high 60’s.
Turning the dark, damp soil between two Society Garlics I carefully pushed the Day Lily into the hole, straightening the roots and positioning the plant perpendicularly. Given to me at Mother’s Day by my son, the lily has multiple buds and blooms – seeming to stretch and reach for the sun which is hiding behind ominous rain clouds. Stepping back to admire the newest addition to this strip-bed running along the south side of the lanai, I am satisfied that this beautiful plant is in a perfect spot – centered to allow a picturesque focal point for years to come. Picking up spade and flowerpot, large drops of precipitation begin to pelt my head and my brief planting encounter has been called to a halt. As rain falls gently on the Day Lily, I scurry to the shelter of the porch and feelings of joy and happiness fill me for I have once again experienced that connection, as always, when I visit my "enchanted garden"!

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