Sunday, May 31, 2009

Easier Life

Blog 149 – Friday May 29, 2009 Sunny and hot, clouds rolling by but no rain. Temperatures in the upper 80’s.
Mincing a sprig of parsley from my herb bed, I added it to the already bubbling crushed tomato and finely chopped chicken. Sautéed onion and fresh garlic were steaming in the skillet on the stove as I scooped out the contents to incorporate them into the cacciatore steaming in the slow cooker. Replacing the lid on the crock, this evening’s supper cooked effortlessly while I sat at my laptop, checking email and blogging. Musing the women of the past who stirred the watched pot in a hot kitchen while preparing dinner for their family, once again I am grateful for technology and the many advances which have made my life easier

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