Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eating Experience

Blog 150 – Saturday, May 30, 2009 Sunny with temperatures in the high 80’s.
Fresh, juicy corn-on-the-cob was on the dinner menu tonight – cooked by the way, exactly as Becky Ri describes on her blog. (see: ). Served in yellow, plastic trays resembling cornhusks and drenched in butter, it always makes a hit with my grandson. This meal was no exception. After completing his plate of diced carrots and a grilled, all beef hot-dog; his mommy presented him with a six-inch length of the sweet, golden veggie. Wielding it in both hands and with purpose, he began to bite into it. Soon, his beaming face was covered in butter and remnants of corn kernels. Still only sixteen months old but complete with many teeth, he finished the third course of his meal and signed "more" (he is a product of "Baby Signs" and quite adept at this form of communication by now). A child-sized dish of cubed watermelon was the only diversion from his insistence that he eat another ear of corn and soon the new delight on his face was made evident by the slurpy, wet, red nectar of the watermelon. Mealtime with my grandson is always an event that makes one assess the level of awareness and enjoyment we should experience whenever we eat.

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