Saturday, May 30, 2009

A New Addition

Blog 147 – Wednesday, May 27, 2009 Sunny and hot, temperatures in the upper 80’s – rain in the evening.
The view to my garden is being monitored carefully these days. Standing guard (or lying as they generally do), my two kitties move purposely to the edge of the screen each afternoon as a new addition joins the wildlife to feed on nuts and seeds. A young squirrel, no doubt born this spring, makes his way through the flowers and herbs noisily and without care to the feed trays and box of nuts provided. I first noticed him yesterday as he rummaged through the box of peanuts and corn – my cats edging stealthily on their haunches, eyeing him through the screen barrier. Seemingly unaware of the order of things, he flitted around the corner of the lanai to the south bed of lilies, society garlic, and eggplant. Peanut in his mouth, he began digging furiously when my poolside tiger pounced, hitting the screen with his soft, clawless paw. The squirrel youngster, so startled, did a back-flip and landed clumsily, peanut landing close to the screen’s edge. In one felled swoop, the little fellow grabbed the nut and bounded across the yard nearly running into the grapefruit tree. Looking back over his shoulder, he chattered at my cat. Now feeling quite superior, my tabby stretched and re-positioned himself on the warm deck. Round one – Score: 1-0 in favor of the feline.

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  1. My 6 year old son & 3 year old daughter just rescued a baby bird, that fell out of the nest and was sure to have been lunch to one of our 3 kitty cats. They have such good hearts that I couldn't turn down their hopeful little faces when they brought it to me, by husband right in stride. We are on day 3 with this little bird an it is very strange how this helpless little bird has brought us close together for a common goal:) lol Loving nature & family!

    Thank you for sharing!