Monday, May 11, 2009

Surrounded By Love

Blog 130 – Sunday, May 10, 2009 Hot – 90 degrees, beautiful, sunny day for Mother’s Day!
Flowers - today flowers – the literal kind and the kind expressed by words, have surrounded me. Last night, I returned home from an evening of dinner and cards with our good friends and in-laws of our son, to a gorgeous pot of Hydrangea. My sister had selflessly given of herself, honoring me with a flower that has personal meaning and touching sentiment. Entering the kitchen this morning, I am greeted with a kiss by my husband and best friend, standing at the sink, sectioning pink grapefruit. Turning to prepare the yeast rolls for this afternoon’s dinner, my eyes fall upon a large cellophane bundle – long stemmed Roses within a cone-shaped enclosure. Once again, he has done it – shown himself to be the debonair, caring lover that he has exhibited time and again over some 46 years. Opening the white envelope containing a card, since he "cared to give the very best" – I am moved to tears as I read the verse that could very well have been composed by his own hand. His tribute to me – the mother of our son – is gracious and verbose. The remainder of the day is icing on the cake when I am presented with a lovely pot of Day Lilies from my son – and a card – one that only he could find among the "Hallmark Shelves" of greetings – a message that is truly personal and fitting between us. Flowers, diverse yet the same – messages of love to me - all are precious treasures and have made my Mother’s Day special and complete – a full bouquet of memories and confirmation that I am surrounded by family who loves me.

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  1. You deserve every minute of happiness and joy, for your whole life is dedicated to bringing them to others! Happy Mother's Day!