Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Blog 131 – Monday, May 11, 2009 Hot, 91, getting muggy – still no rain.
Encouraged and excited would describe what I am feeling right now - it seems that the drought conditions Tampa Bay is facing is a benefit to our ecological balance. On the platform for years now to do what I can to keep our planet green and waste-free, this is very good news! Reports have it that polluted runoff has been cut drastically since tight watering restrictions are in place. The leading indicator that the drought has been having a positive effect is: Seagrass – the grasses are showing the improved health of Tampa Bay since the grass beds have now expanded to cover more of the bay than any time since the 50’s. The normal runoff experienced by normal watering conditions has been, in the past, a huge factor in killing the grasses. The Seagrasses are crucial to the health of the bay since they provide food and shelter for a wide variety of fish and other marine species. The grasses also filter impurities in the water and stabilize the water bottom’s shifting sands. In order to thrive, the grasses need clear water that allows sunlight to penetrate to the root areas. The prime culprit in polluting the grasses has been nitrogen – which has lessened with the watering restrictions. Now, as the rainy season is upon us, let’s hope that with the increased uses of reclaimed water (that is also more popular), the Seagrasses will have had enough time to gain a foothold and continue to thrive.

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