Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Morning Mecca

Blog 169 – Thursday, June 18, 2009 Cloudy with temperatures in the upper 80’s
Breakfast on Thursday is usually taken at Susie’s Too, a neighborhood restaurant close to our house. My interest is always piqued when entering, to see most of the same people week after week, sitting at the same tables - some reading the newspaper, some leaning across the aisle to chat with others, and most memorable in character. There is the couple who always occupies the table perpendicular to the door, formidable and loud, he always wearing black Crocs on bare feet and she in the same knit top with a sprinkling of sequins sprayed across the front. They command attention just by their position in this bustling café. One man, seated with his back to us, occupies his time waiting for a hot breakfast plate by texting on his Blackberry. Fingers flying, I always wonder what order of business he is conducting as he sits, intently focused on the rectangle wonder of technology. Following the winding aisles around the restaurant, a group of women buzz and cackle in their tennis garb as they sip coffee and eat poached eggs and toast. A little woman and man, surely in their 90’s sit, tucked in a booth. He bent over his breakfast, cradling the plate as if to keep it from running off the table and she quietly buttering her biscuit. The servers, always prompt and attentive, are varied in kind and character. One in particular always enters about twenty minutes after our arrival with a cheerful smile and grand entrance. Her face is carefully made up with heavy foundation and meticulously painted-on eyebrows, mascara thick and caked – her eyes popping out like a raccoon’s in the night. Some of the dedicated ladies who serve the early morning fare are short, some are pencil-thin but all are prompt with hot, steamy coffee in this colorful, yet predictable Morning Mecca.

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