Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorting it Out

Blog 170 – Friday, June 19, 2009 Hot and muggy with temperatures in the low 90’s.
Tupperware no longer makes the Shape Sorter toy, although I have seen it on Ebay. Isaac is the proud possessor of this "antique" toy however, thanks to his Grandma Mercer, who carefully stored it in the attic after his mommy and Uncle Corey had cast it aside for more sophisticated amusements. Lately, he has been dragging it out of his toy box when Poppie and Grannie come over to visit on Thursdays (when Mommy works at the law office). No longer just tossing the yellow shapes here and there, Isaac sits sprawl-legged on the floor, in front of Poppie or me, fitting the pieces into the appropriate cavity of the red and blue pull-apart ball. Deftly pushing each star, rectangle, oval, or triangular piece into the correct slot, he is gaining great eye-hand coordination each session. Seventeen months old and we marvel as he sits fifteen minutes or more repeating the task, clapping his chubby little hands each time he succeeds. Enunciating the sound of each shape as we steady the ball for him, he is beginning to reach for the shapes we say and we are filled with pride and joy.

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