Monday, June 8, 2009

The Elegant Party

Blog 159 – Monday, June 8. 2009 Sunny and breezy today with temperatures topping at 88 in New Port Richey. No Rain.
Walking in my garden today, I met the butterflies – swooping down gracefully to nudge the open petals of the Daisies and to perch ever so briefly on the Milkweed. Monarchs and Painted Ladies, criss-crossing the garden, in a seemingly "curtsey as you pass" sort of way, Honey Bees flitting and buzzing from one nectar-bearing blossom to another – much the way curious women would greet one another at a formal gathering. Swaying in the breeze, the Verbena and Society Garlic stood lovely and delicately along the edge of the South bed like Debutantes at a ball. A pair of TurtleDoves flew to the garden wall and watched quietly, as would proper chaperones, as I filled their hanging feed tray with safflower nuts. A Mockingbird flew to a nearby branch and chirped a "hurry up" as I added millet and sunflower seeds to his feeder, high in the tree above I heard the noisy chatter of Finches anxious for their feeders to be replenished. Plucking a Nuthatch here and a stray seedling there, I retreated to the lanai. Turning to view the garden once more, I watch the continuance of this afternoon gathering of birds, butterflies, bees, and now scampering squirrels – busy picking up the peanuts from the tray – reminding me of dining porters, quickly removing dishes from the tables. My enchanted garden had become an elegant party of tiny creatures – God’s creation – and I had been privileged to walk among them but for a short time. I love my garden – it is rich with beauty and enchantment – always a joy, restful and refreshing. Its peace is staggering and I am filled to capacity each time I step into the boundaries of its splendors.

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  1. What a compelling read - the garden is magical