Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Florida Culture

Blog 171 – Saturday, June 20, 2009 Sunny and hot – temperatures in the 90’s.
Florida culture begins to surround me, wrap itself around my very being the longer I am a resident here. Now, twenty-five years – I consider myself a transplanted "Cracker". I hardly even think about the unusual habits and ways of life here anymore. Swimming on Thanksgiving or dead-heading flower beds in December are common-place to me now. It is the same with my kitties when they present me with a "morning gift" of an Anole corpse at my bedroom door [leading to the pool deck]. Being a cat owner all my life, I am familiar with the habit of cats to "leave the carcus of a recent catch" for their "people" – usually a mouse or bird. But here at our home, Florida culture presents a whole new take on the "gift of praise" – a lizard, garden snake, green frog or some other tropical creature hunted down by my kitties.

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