Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot Day in the Summer Sun

Blog 173 – Monday, June 22, 2009 Partly cloudy, hot with a high of 92 degrees.
Summer heat continues to keep the mercury rising and the need for rain increasing. Each dark cloud that shades the sun turns heads and eyes upward hoping for precipitation. Climbing into the liquid blue of our pool, the crisp coolness of the water envelops my body and relieves the sizzle on my skin. The brass dragonfly spins, throwing showers of water full circle in the butterfly garden, bringing relief to the nearly wilted plants. Two squirrels scamper down the nearby oak, racing to grab a peanut out of the open box on the tree before water pelts them as it makes its turn on the sprinkler. My kitties lay sprawling under a patio lounger in an attempt to stay cool during their afternoon siesta. And so it is on this second day of summer at our Tampa Bay home – "hot day in the summer sun".

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