Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Latest Surprise

Blog 153 – Tuesday, June 2, 2009 Beautiful, sunny day in the 80’s, clouds and wind brought only 5 minutes of rain to our home this evening.
Watermelons have appeared in my garden! Spending an hour in the garden this evening – Roger trimming the Bougainvillea and the topiary at the south-west corner of our lanai and I, purged any little weeds that had popped up since the weekend – suddenly, I spied tiny, green watermelons on the two plants flanking the bed on the south side of the lanai. Miniature fruit the size of Jordan Almonds, faintly striped and peeking out from beneath the rambling vines, yet full of yellow blooms, I ran to get my camera – and what would we do without our digital capabilities? Now, carefully turning each vine this way and that, I tallied 6 fruit growing! The plants earmarked for the boys – Isaac and Zachary – I begin to imagine their delight during the next walk through my "enchanted garden". Always pointing out something new and prolific, I cannot wait to traipse them out for this latest "surprise."

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