Friday, June 5, 2009

Paper Passion

Blog 154 – Wednesday, June 3, 2009 Sunny, hot temperatures in the low 90’s.
Paper spread all over the counter and photos lined up on the backboard, it is time once again to organize pages for my scrapbooks. Cabinet open, I search the seven vertical files containing papers organized by color, textures, and theme. Pulling this color and that – I match them against the predominate colors in the photos. Each time I compose the layout packs for future scrapping, my trip to the paper cabinet is an adventure as I sort my prized paper collection. For me, a beautiful piece of paper is a treasure -–why, I can open junk mail and retrieve a square of vellum or lazer-cut paper from an advertisement – "in case I may need it for a project" – and feel great satisfaction. A successful shopping trip is the purchase of "just the right shade" of paper to enhance a scrapbook layout or, an unusual texture of handmade paper for a three-dimensional paper construction project. The two drawer cabinet tucked away on the bottom shelf of the cabinet- housing my four paper cutters, two three-hole punches, and box of paper punches - is brimming with color-coordinated scrap files because, I would never throw a partial sheet of paper in the trash! Sitting, straddle leg (or "criss-cross applesauce" for those of you reading who are early childhood educators or mommies of the "younger set") at the open doors of the paper cabinet, I happily rearrange and organize my papers, getting familiar with the stash that has been sorted and separated countless times. This therapeutic process refuels my creative-bend and readies me for another session with my paper and embellishments. My mind trails back, as it often does when I am in a mood of melancholy, and I remember a similar time as a little girl when, a perfect day found me sitting in the same fashion - paper and scissors and paper dolls and catalogs spread before me as I "designed" clothes, rooms, and greeting cards. Who knew that this passion for paper would follow me the rest of my life?

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