Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Liquid Reprieve

Blog 161 – Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Sunny and hot – temperature in the low nineties, no rain. Running the sprinkler system tonight.
Stepping out to remove the seed pans and feeders from my enchanted garden, the air is warm and still. Plucking a nuthatch from a clay pot of Plumbago, I gaze across the beds as the sun falls below the garden wall. A golden haze seems to gild the herbs. Several days without rain has drained my beloved flowers from much–needed moisture, thankfully this is our appointed day to water. Placing the feeders on the lanai counter, I wait as Roger turns on the timer for our sprinkler system just inside the garage – sputtering and squirting, the water heads begin to rotate and turn – delivering the liquid reprieve needed to re-hydrate the plants within their radius. Now in full operation, the garden is resplendent with showers of water arcing to and fro. The flowers seem to stretch out, lifting their faces to receive the rushing droplets. The sprinkler heads, strategically placed to cover all of the beds criss cross one another in a rhythmic cycle, methodically moving from side to side in tandem. The water now begins to puddle in the beds, the rich compost sucking it down to the roots of the thirsty plants. As I close the door to the lanai behind me, thankfulness sweeps over me – for the blessings of a beautiful garden and the means by which to water it.

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