Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still Very Much In Love

Blog 167 – Tuesday, June 15, 2009 Sunny and warm, temperatures in the 90’s.
Riding a train through the Savannah, giraffes and gnus in the grasses, ostrich on a dust hill – we enjoyed the day at Busch Gardens. Our stroll through the gardens and aviary was delightful, as was Jungala with tigers – Bengal and Siberian young, strong, and rhythmic as they moved along the rocks in the habitat. Moving along the winding brick and stone pathways, we saw hot pink flamingos wading in lily ponds, and brown turtles sunning themselves on logs just beyond a fifteen foot alligator, lying in the mud at the edge of the water - teeth the size of a man’s thumb - grinning at us through sleepy, blank eyes. We snacked in the shade on fresh, thick slices of turkey sandwiched in fresh sourdough bread slathered with mustard and mayonnaise, washing it down with tall, icy glasses of fresh-brewed iced tea. Walking hand-in-hand through the park, we laughed and talked – just two and, it was a day to be remembered, one not unlike those we spent in days gone by when we were young and in love. Forty years later, though these times are not as frequent as they once were and, though youth eludes us now – some things never change – we are still very much in love.

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