Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Forty Years Ago

Blog 166 – Monday, June 15, 2009 – Sunny and warm, no rain – temperatures in the low 90’s.
Forty years ago today, my dream came true – I married my first love. The years have passed in a whirlwind – good times and sad but, always with my love beside me. I could never find a mate that compares to this man – he is my protection and safety, always helping me and urging me on in anything I do. He knows how to make me laugh and when to hold me and dry my tears. He is my knight in shining armor – and my Romeo, the ultimate lover, always romantic and tender- hearted. This man listens – and remembers what is important to me, he puts my desires and feelings first – with him, and I feel like royalty – important and preferred. He is strong in so many ways and solid in his convictions – a man of valor and spiritual balance. My husband completes me – because of him, I am a better person. He is my Serendipity and my Wishing Star – because of him, I have tasted the best life has to offer. My being is complete with him – we are one – cemented together, without seam. I awake each morning and my heart beats a little louder because of him – still thrilling to his touch and his smile. Time has not - will not erode my adoration and devotion for the spouse of my youth. Forty years ago today, my dream came true – I married my first and only love.

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