Thursday, August 27, 2009

Higher Plane

A gentle, steady rain fell softly on my Enchanted Garden as we readied ourselves to leave for the airport. Wheeling the suitcase to the door, I watched as the refreshing liquid enveloped my flowers. Making a final check of the “to do” list, I crossed off the items I had completed – filling the bird feeders, water for the kitties, towels in the hamper, produce in the bag to give Donna, and my toothbrush packed. Now on the porch with our suitcase and on-board bags, we awaited the arrival of our precious friends to drive us to the airport. Soon, we had said our goodbyes and exchanged hugs at the terminal and were on our way to the Midwest for a treasured visit with our Illinois family. As we settled back into our business class seating, I collected my thoughts and marveled once again at the blessings which follow us wherever we go. As the plane climbed gradually into the heavens, I closed my eyes and indulged in a time of quiet communion with my Lord. Looking out on the clouds and streaming sunlight, my heart swelled with thankfulness at the gift of seeing the world from a higher plane and asked Him to elevate me to that higher plane spiritually this day.

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