Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life Seasons

Oh, how life presents itself in odd and unusual ways. The carefree, promise of childhood now eludes my being; autumn breezes change the world around me. Giggles and frivolity turn to solemnity and seriousness. The same pensive thoughts that once wondered about the future now review the past. Melancholy emotions play chords of misty melodies across my heartstrings. Each note resonating through the halls of my memories, I seek validity and value. Paging through the years of being cause me pause, and my heart skips a beat. I recollect the point in time when true living began – eternally – spirit awakening and I realize my true purpose. There are no formulas, no exactness in this thing called life, only words of life to guide and direct. Words that allow choice and free decision – freedom to move without restraint, the path I am on has been narrow and unsmooth. I am resolute in my journey, although pain has not escaped me. The foe of failure and defeat has trailed me, even robbed me along the way. My only lamp has been the light of my salvation yet, I am moving on though now more consciously than ever before. My innocent, wide-eyed youth did not perceive or calculate the cost of the footpath chosen. Truth and wisdom have come at a great cost, slowly, with ripping and tearing of my soul. My heart feels with an intensity that cannot be penned – pure and forever-beating with love – a treasure without price. And so, I live – and love – and move toward the prize of my high-calling, though sifted and grated and wrent – I shall continue this difficult journey – even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly!


  1. i did not know that your name was another name for artemis!! & i used to LOVE reading all about mythology... any mythology... but mostly the greek & roman! ...still learning new things at my age. *lol* :)

  2. btw, this won't let me post a photo w/my comment; i had a suitable one for it, too! :P