Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Rains

Crystalline drops of liquid sustenance fall on my beloved, Enchanted Garden nearly everyday now – the rainy season upon us, bright daisy-heads bend with grace as the soft breeze shakes dampness from their pearly petals. Hanging baskets of red and blue callibrachoa with white nemesia sway weightily as moisture drops daintily from the mossy containers. The translucent blooms of petunias yawn, their graceful mouths lifted toward gentle showers. Dark, musty soil soaks up moisture from the current precipitation, pulling it deep into the ground – hiding it away from the eminent and parching sunrays of another day. Milkweed stalks, their leathery leaves shiny and wet, impatiens bobbing and dripping, luxuriant clumps of thyme and velvety sage drinking in much-needed nourishment all thrive in this dispensation called “summer rains” in Florida.

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