Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blessings Defined

   This week, having been in a state of introspection, I decided to start a list of blessings. Knowing that such a project would be endless, my first course of action was to research the word itself: Blessing.I discovered in the strictest sense, there is no simple translation of the word. The English chose the word blessing from the Greek word eulogeitos. The word actually provides the English word eulogy (eu meaning good and logy meaning word). Thus, eulogy means a good word. This Greek word 'eulogeitos' was the chosen by the New Testament writers as the nearest equivalent word they had for the contextual meaning for the Old Testament Hebrew word 'barak', which literally means 'to kneel' (taken from Strong's Greek text). Blessing is a transitive verb meaning: 1. to make holy 2. to request divine favor on, 3. to make happy. 4. special favor, mercy, or benefits. 5. a short prayer. 6. spiritual redemption. All that said, my blessings are more numerous than the sands of the shores and more precious than all the diamonds in African mines. Now excited and encouraged, I have begun! 

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