Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crocs in My Garden

Blog 132 – Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Steamy and hot – a small shower – temperatures in the high 80’s.

Making a quick trip out to the garden just couldn’t be easier these days. No longer do I have to tippy-toe through the damp rows of my butterfly encounter with risk of ruining my favorite sandals or Adidas, trudging through the mulch, powdery red dust invading the tops. No, the latest in garden shoe attire is the resin molded Croc, a clog-styled slip-on that allows me to move around my herb and flower beds with confidence and ease. When done, I step out of them and run the hose over them or, carry them to the shower and rinse them while I am sudsing up. How convenient – and to think that I have them in my favorite designer colors – to match whatever outfit I am wearing. Yes, fashion and function all in one – what could be better?

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