Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Fence Of Flowers

Blog 135 – Friday, May 15, 2009 Sunny and hot through the day until early evening and then – a deluge of rain for nearly an hour.
Closing the wooden screen door behind me, I step off the concrete slab caked with red clay. Trudging across the yard , big blue Texas sky overhead, my red western boots slipping up and down on my feet, I walk toward the open field lined with fetching wildflowers. Pigtails bobbing, my eyes on those flowers, I begin to skip toward the field of cattle. Coming closer, I become aware of how big they really are – one in particular turning to stare at me with large brown eyes, jaws ratcheting sideways chewing a cud. Stooping to get a better look at the blooms scattered all along the ground in front of me, I suddenly feel very small as I am now looking up at the massive bovine just beyond the flowers that drew my initial attention. So this is what "cowgirls" rope and herd and bring to the barn – grandiose thoughts of living the western life flood my mind. Stretching my arm out to retrieve an azure bloom, I am suddenly stunned – falling back hard on my haunches – my head throbbing and tears spilling from my eyes – I feel betrayed by the loveliness of the barricade of flora that was growing between me and the cattle. Staggering to get up, I notice a heavy wire threaded through the row of flowers and, at five years old, I had just experienced a first, from the "school of hard knocks" - I now knew about electric fencing – up close and personal.

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