Friday, May 15, 2009

Weather Bulletin

Blog 134 – Thursday, May 14, 2009 Warm and muggy – weather in the upper 80’s
Beginning much as recent days past, the sun rose into a cloud-covered eastern sky. As the stratus layer parted, the morning was bright and cheerful, heat intensifying, plants stretched out to seek moisture from the atmosphere. Hours later as the solar system’s great fireball hung directly overhead, muffled rumbles could be heard in the distance. Soon, a curtain of steely gray covered the southeast and a crack of thunder that could be felt in one’s chest interrupted the calm that had been present. Crawling low to the ground, my kitties came, slinking into the bedroom from the lanai. Next, bright, white streaks flashed beyond the horizon giving notice to additional deafening snaps of thunder. And then, mimicking the grandest of finales – large, liquid sheets of precipitation fell steadily upon the surrounding area. Suddenly, pelting faster and faster upon the sidewalk entryway – it had happened – the event that had been eluding us for days – even weeks – was taking place with reckless abandon. For the next twenty minutes, we experienced that which our Midwest neighbors have known for months. Gutters filling, grass drinking in the relief, flowers and plants bobbing to and fro from the constant pounding of a deluge of water – we were getting rain!

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