Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cool Relief

Blog 203 – Wednesday, July 22, 2009 Still hot with a chance of rain, temperatures in the low 90’s.
Now cutting his two-year-old molars, my grandson can be seen with his index finger probing the gum line from time to time. Already sporting a full mouth of beautiful pearly-whites, applying Ora-Gel can be a dangerous endeavor for, when an object makes its way past the teeth, the jaw automatically clamps shut. Many times his eyes have widened in bewildered surprise as I display pain on my face when those incisors painfully pierce my fingers. Lately though, we have an alternative, better way, to ease the stabbing pain of cutting teeth. Everyday, more communicative and verbal, this precocious little toddler requests “eyeshhh” (his adorable pronunciation of ice) to quiet the swollen gums. Running behind him, we move to the kitchen and the refrigerator door where he attempts (quite handily, I might add) to push the crushed ice lever. Moving his little hand aside, I fill a small plastic cup with frozen relief. Now sitting on his little futon, complete with Back Yardagins on the fabric, he slurps the tiny shards of ice as he watches his new favorite channel – Sprout.

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