Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rodentia Unaware

Standing at the sink, preparing salads for the evening meal, my sister called me to the bay window overlooking my Enchanted Garden. There, behind the birdbath was a slinking, feline intruder, ready to pounce on one of the resident squirrels taking dinner at the squirrel feeder. Munching on a peanut, her back to the quietly approaching foe, my sister opened the door and startled both of them. The cat jumped toward the squirrel, who fell off of the nut box and bounded up the tree in one fell-swoop! Now startled by the noise of the door, the cat moved quickly along the garden wall southward. By this time, my kitties were padding their way toward the screen, bewildered by the commotion. The young female rodentia was now chattering non-stop from a branch overlooking the garden. Having moved outside on the patio, my sister and I verbally attempted to calm the poor, frightened squirrel to no avail. Chattering and switching her tail, she jerked and turned back and forth on the perch that was now her safe retreat. Unused to danger in my garden, she was indignant with distress and seemed to scold me repeatedly. Now looking upward, my kitties continued in their clueless posture. Chuckling as I moved back to the kitchen to complete the dinner salads, I realized the harmony that is contained in my little Enchanted Garden. Never being a threat to any of the wildlife creatures who inhabit my garden, my cats are always content to watch through the screen which keeps everyone happy and satisfied. It occurs to me that my young, female squirrel friend may have never before encountered a cat other than my well-behaved felines. Thankfully, she was able to make the comparison today with a good outcome.

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