Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Drenched in Color

Blog 188 – Tuesday, July 7, 2009 Sunny and warm, afternoon showers, sometimes heavy with thunder and lightning. Temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s.
If my mind were painted with color each time a thought flashed within my brain, I would have a rainbow arcing like a big smile from ear to ear. There must be a reason they call it grey matter but I am sure that the synapse junctions in my brain dance with color. The peaceful thoughts would surely bathe my cranium in blue – the same that rushes over the sandy banks of the Caribbean on a warm summer day. Happy thoughts would trickle over the crevices of my lobes in pinks as soft as cotton candy. Joy would emerge in sunny yellows and hopeful thoughts would cover the areas in my mind with soft greens like a spring carpet of tender grass. In the night, when my thoughts collect and often trouble me, deep purples and shades of maroon would flood over them – only to be soon replaced with a royal violet of the holy kind, overtaking my fears and troubles with hope. On occasion, I see red – and anger rears its ugly head but as surely as that happens - the pure, white light of heaven envelopes me and centers me once again. Frivolity would bounce around my head like orange rubber balls and silliness would vibrate like a magenta neon sign in a window. In prayer, I am sure I have a myriad of color rushing like a waterfall from the highest place. Yes, my brain must surely be drenched in color; after all I know God used the rainbow as a promise to me.

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