Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rainy Season Afternoon

Blog 189 – Wednesday, July 8, 2009 Warm and muggy with afternoon thundershowers and the temperature topping out at 88 degrees.
Sitting poolside this afternoon with my napping kitty, a sudden wind blew in with mini-gale force. Looking at the thermometer which hangs over the bay windows that provide the view from our kitchen, the needle hovered at 80 degrees. Now turning another page in the novel that I had just begun only an hour before, I looked up to see the Purple Majesty and Lantana in a nearby flower bed just outside the screen lanai, bend and sway submissively as the wind continued. By now the sun had retreated behind a large dark, thunderhead and my napping companion had moved to join his brother in a favorite nook – the towel cabinet. Reaching to gather my towel, book, iced tea, and cell phone, I watched the wind form tiny white caps on the surface of the pool. Now closing the bedroom door, I looked up to see a sheet of rain dancing across the lawn, moving toward the lanai. Just before I fully shut the door, I looked at the thermometer once more and was surprised to see that the temperature had dropped two degrees! After a warm shower and dry clothes, I continued to watch the summer thundershower for over two hours as it pounded at the windows and drenched the thirsty ground below. Yes, the rainy season was upon us, indeed.

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