Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Washed and Refreshed

Blog 187 – Monday, July 6, 2009 Warm but breezy today, weather in the upper 80’s. Rain showers in the early evening.
Tossing the last weed in the bucket, my eyes moved across the garden at ground level. The smell of Rosemary clung to my garden shears as I admired the freshly manicured herb bed. Sprigs of Parsley and Basil lay on the rail next to the bed chosen for seasoning the chicken and potatoes awaiting this evening’s dinner. Now standing, I pulled the garden gloves from my hands and looked heavenward, several large, cool drops of water falling on my forearm. Moving quickly, I gathered my garden tools and herbs, freshly plucked chili peppers, and a tomato and hurried to open the screen door. Just inside the lanai and under the overhang, rain began to fall in a deluge. Holding my garden treasures close, I smiled as I stepped indoors. It seems the summer rains are upon us again – washing away the dust and refreshing the plantings of early spring. I am thankful and blessed. What a lovely way to bring an end to a warm, sunny day in Florida.

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