Monday, July 20, 2009

Gift Central

Blog 199 – Saturday, July 18, 2009 Hot temperatures in the 90’s and sunny with scattered showers throughout the day.
Washing, pressing, and cutting – the fabric purchased for pillowcases for my grandson are readied for sewing. Now planning the embellished edging of the case, urgency hits me – it is the middle of July and I have not begun to work on gifts for the nearing holidays! Remembering last year and how time-consuming two quilts for the little boys were, my brain has been churning the ideas and plans for this year. It seems only yesterday that I wrapped colorful tissue around the hand-sewn gifts for each child and grandchild, boxing them and wrapping them in appropriate gift-wrap. Getting the notebook from the shelf that holds pages for each recipient on my gift list, I begin to write ideas. As I scribble, I recall the supplies I have laid aside for the Thanksgiving gifts that are always wrapped and placed on the plates of each guest. I am now feeling better – more organized and in control of the task which lies ahead. Expect to read the next installment on progress of creations from “Gift Central” in coming blogs. I have already put on my apron and pointed hat – this elf is preparing to get busy for Thanksgiving and the wonderful Christmas holidays! Now, I must figure out how to “pare down” all the ideas that I want to make.

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