Tuesday, July 28, 2009

His, and Elmo's World

Blog 201 – Monday, July 20, 2009 Hot and sunny – beautiful day in Tampa Bay with temperatures in the low 90’s
There is an old friend making regular visits to our family rooms once again. My grandson has summoned Elmo, a 3-½ -year-old Muppet back into our lives once again. First appearing on Sesame Street in 1984, he now has his own 15-minute segment in Sesame Street called Elmo’s World. Just recently drawn to the visual and educational world of Sesame Street, Isaac’s attention is abruptly turned to the television screen when he hears the musical theme announcing Elmo’s arrival. Sitting on his toddler-sized futon, he is wide-eyed and totally captivated by the positive and optimistic view of the little red Muppet. Elmo never uses pronouns and refers to himself and others by name. His best friends are another little Muppet girl named Zoe and his pet goldfish named Dorothy. Elmo’s favorite hobbies are tap dancing (he also likes Irish clogging) and playing the piano. Enjoying the segments of Elmo, Isaac’s awareness of how to properly wash his hands, that socks and shoes are worn on feet, and when to use inside voices instead of noisy outside voices has rapidly increased in the last couple of weeks. Delighted that his favorite character appears daily, he vocalizes “EMMO” and sits down with his morning snack to learn more about his, and Elmo’s World.

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