Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tree Frog Encounter

Blog 175 – Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Warm and sunny – temperatures in the high 80’s.
Stepping out onto the front porch tonight, I was greeted by the throaty quack of a tiny, green tree frog. Looking up, he stared at me curiously with black beady eyes. Amused, my mind was taken back to Isaac’s first encounter with one of these celery green creatures. Inside his playhouse, he overturned a bucket slightly filled with water and was delighted when the little suction-toed fellow jumped onto my shirt. Anxious to touch his new discovery, I held it firmly but carefully within his view. Curiosity and interest took over as my grandson felt the rubbery, smooth surface of his new amphibious friend. Now watching my front porch visitor crawling, his leggy appendages stretching to reach the top of the window screen, he gulps a mosquito so quickly I barely see his tongue make the attack. Wow! I wish Isaac had seen that! But I know that will have to be for another time. After all, my front porch and his playhouse are always good for at least one tree frog encounter.

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